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Vehicle finance rates have never been lower. Cando car loans have cheap interest rates starting at 5.75%. Call for a no obligation free quote now. Low Doc No Deposit lending anywhere in Australia

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Looking for cheap car finance for yourself or a friend is made easy with Cando Financial. Our experienced team of finance brokers will help you with any questions you may have and also ask you questions that will confirm your borrowing capacity. We offer free, no obligation quotes over the phone or you can fill out an online application form provided on our website. We will find the most suitable lender for you with easy repayments and terms to suit your pocket. Contact our car lending specialists today to get you on your way.

How to get the cheapest Car Loans

Most clients looking for the best car loan call one bank after another. This is a good starting point when searching for a new car loan. Once you have searched a few banks and other non-bank vehicle lenders you should call Cando loans. Providing the best Car Loans at very affordable interest rates is a challenge. Not only do we love a challenge but with over 20 banks available to our car finance manager we are good at what we do. The cheapest interest rate is not always the best for you, considerations such as tax incentives, early payout fees and other hidden cost means you have to be careful which lender is best suited to your needs. Approvals take about 20 minutes with vehicle loans so Cando loans will have you in your new car tomorrow if you want. Remember a Cando car loan manager is available 7 days a week and we always answer our phones.

Buying a Car with low or no deposit

If you are trading a car and buying another new car from a dealer then you can use this as your deposit. Private cars sales, or buying a vehicle from a private seller does not require a deposit. Most people expect to pay a small deposit and this is OK as well. Private seller will normally require a little cash just to prove you are serious and take the vehicle off the market. But as a general rule financial institutions or banks do not require a deposit. However in some case your CanDo manager will advise you a small deposit would be better, this sometimes allows us to request a better interest rate from the banks.

Private sales or Auctions

The choice is your! Once we have a full car loan approval you are free to shop wherever and whenever you like. Approvals last for up to 90 days, so there is no rush to buy the first car you come across. Private seller always like to grab a small deposit just to prove they can take the car off the website they have advertised on. Auctions are very similar they generally take your credit card details when you register. Full finance is still available with either option. The seller will refund the deposit once full payment has been made. Auction also require payment to be made quiet quickly so a full approval should be obtained before the Auction not after. This will make sure the loan amount you are approved for cover your bid!


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