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Car Finance Brokers provide you with the best car loan advice. Car finance rates start at 5.75%. Use a Cando car payment calculator to work out your repayments.

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CanDo Car Finance Brokers

Finding a good Finance Broker can be the difference between a loan approval and a finance application being declined. Small differences in banks loan process means you can be decline if your income is one dollar wrong. This sounds stupid but very true. If you think you are getting asked too many questions then think again as all the information you provide is giving your car finance broker a better idea which lender he will use for a successful loan application. Whether you are buying from a registered dealer or from a private seller Cando Financial will get you on the road with a smile.

Australian specialists - Cando vehicle loans

Why use a Cando business vehicle lending finance manager. Using a finance broker to search for your next used car loan, organizing a pre-approval before you go car shopping is a very smart move. Vehicle brokers are able to provide advise and information on the best finance product suitable for you. New or old cars, big or small loans, 12 months to 84 months we can explain the benefits and answer all your questions. cash talks when you are bargaining with a seller to buy you next vehicle. Pre-approvals are as good as cash. Approvals for vehicle finance takes less than an hour. Quick online applications and interest rate quotes on our website 24 hours a day. Why wait get approved tonight. Cando also offer a cheap low doc business vehicle loan for companies who use there vehicles more than 51 percent for business use.

Low Doc Business Lending approvals

This method of getting a lending approval is pretty straight forward, A plus B equals an approval. However if the goods or seller you are buying from does not meet the banks lending terms and conditions. Then you have just wasted half an hour of your time. rates for low doc loans are exactly the same as full documentation lending. With a low doc loan you do not have to provide proof of income but the banks do require you to have a good clean credit history. Other factors may apply also, it is best to call and discuss this type of finance approval with a CanDo manager today


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